About activateCentral

Who is activateCentral?

Powered by psychCentral, the newly launched activateCentral is the largest therapy-informed, sensory-friendly, all-ability recreational facility in Australia.

This facility is the largest of its kind in Australia and is equipped to serve the needs of the culturally and linguistically diverse multicultural communities.

activateCentral offers a 1,400 sqm facility designed to provide an inclusive space for play, therapeutic, and educational programs whilst ensuring an empowering environment of emotional, social and community-based supports.

Clinically Trained


Inclusive Space

NDIS Available

What makes activateCentral unique?

At activateCentral, we understand that cultural and language barriers can affect the way individuals access services. Therefore, we focus on serving our diverse local communities and specialise in providing a culturally-responsive service.

Apart from having the largest open all-abilities play facilities in Australia, we also provide allied health services powered by a strong team of allied health professionals.

We also provide culturally-responsive and interactive educational programs designed by allied health and mental health professionals for carers/guardians, schools, service providers, children, adolescents, and adults.

Our team receive continual up-skilling and professional training to remain engaged with the latest evidence-based research and skills. We pride ourselves in being one of the best in supervision and care, ensuring individuals of all levels of complexity in care and/or disability are supported

Our Team

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Team Member 3
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Our Equipment

Our all-ability equipment means we provide an exclusive space for all.

Our tram which are designed to help with self-regulation, motor skills, and co-ordination while strengthening the core muscles

Sensory Activity Room

Dark Rooms, including water bubble tubes with pedestals and mirrors, sensory seating, tactile activity panels, and interactive floor projectors helps encourage capacity building and self-regulation through interactive exploration.

Ninja Play

Kinder Gym and Ninja Areas promotes the use of tactile, auditory, visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular sensory systems).


Strengthens core muscles, promotes coordination and body position balance.

Climbing Walls

5m climbing wall area and busy nut climbing ramp which supports with problem-solving, reasoning, co-ordination, and sensorimotor functioning.


Commercial steel swing frames which promotes co-ordination, motor planning, sensory seeking, and sensory integration